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How to bypass Mikrotik Hotspot Login

we will discuss about the Mikrotik Hotspot Login bypass. Bypass means for access to hotspots no longer need to enter a username and password at the login hotspot. Be sure to enter the RouterOS Mikrotik through WinBox. Once able to get into RouterOS Mikrotik, select the IP >> Hotspot.

On the screen there are a lot of menu hotspot. To bypass the hotspot login, we can use the IP Bindings, Walled Gardenor can also use IPWalled Garden.

bypass mikrotikIP Bindings
What if a user is privileged so as to connect does not pass the authentication process of the hotspot login, this can be done by using the IP bindings. How to use it is that we must know the Mac Address of the device to be connected so that we could add a rule in the IP bindings.
Suppose the Mac Address 1C: C1: DE: 91: AA: BE will be bypassed, so that users who have the mac address if you want to connect to the internet will not pass the authentication process of the hotspot login.

Select IP >> >> Hotspot >>>> IP Bindings. Then add the Mac Address of the user who will be bypassed.

bypass mikrotik 2In the options there are three types of parameters, namely:

>> Blocked = Mac address registered with this type will not get any automatic hotspot service.
>>  Bypassed = Mac address registered with this type will be bypassed so no need to go through the authenticationprocess.
>> Regular = Mac address registered with this type will pass the authentication process as a normal user, for exampleused only to allocate a specific IP address to a specific host.

We can also do IPBindings on the active hosts. The way is easy that select the host that will be IPbindings, then double-click and select “Make Binding

bypass mikrotik 3bypass mikrotik 5Walled Garden
Users who do not pass the authentication process but can access a particular website, in this case can use the walledgarden. For example, the user can open the website has not been authenticated“.

Select IP >> Hotspot >> Wallaed Garden. Then in the parameter input Dst.Host * and the Action,select allow.

bypass mikrotik 6

IPWalled Garden

Its function is almost the same as the Walled Garden but can bypass more specific resource at a certain protocol andport. Usually used to bypass local server that does not require authentication. For example we will bypass the traffic byprotocol and destination port tcp 20-21 (FTP)

bypass mikrotik 7

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